Dean Chesnut

(c) 408.505.7717

Dean’s skill sets in the area of acquisitions differentiates Mobile Home Park Investments from our competitors. He has the ability to see value add deals that are the diamonds in rough.

Beginning in brokerage in 1985, Dean has developed extensive experience in all disciplines of commercial real estate including: land entitlement, strategic planning, site selection, negotiation, project management, financial analysis, transaction structuring, and debt and equity procurement. Dean has assisted his clients to source renovation real estate deals over his career. Dean has honed his skills to be able to instinctively understand the potential and projected profits of properties in the sourcing stage of the acquisition.

Outside of traditional brokerage, Dean has acquired and sold multiple properties as commercial flips independently and with investment groups. His skills in sourcing and cost containment during the construction process have resulted in high returns. He has a tenacious attention to detail when spending funds to create the most impact. In addition, Dean has been innovative in finding cost-effect solutions to overcome construction obstacles.

His ability to source properties comes from his extensive network of brokers and sellers. These skills combined with his innate capacity for seeing value and implementing cost effective renovations, enable Mobile Home Park Investments to produce high returns for their investors.

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